About Us

The team is made up of:

Steve Clark, originally from the sunny seaside town of Folkestone, England, now living in Sucre for 9 years.

Justin Marsden Esq., originally from the hamlet of Glenwood Springs, CO, USA, now living in Sucre for 7 years.

We both found ourselves in Sucre due to our voluntary work and use this job to prolong our stay in Bolivia. Between us we have 20 years of rock climbing experience on three continents. We’ll save money where we can but we believe, despite what anyone in Bolivia tells us, that you cannot go cheap when it comes to climbing gear. We will only use American and European equipment that has been fully tested to international standards. We are both avid climbers and we bring the enthusiasm we feel for the sport to our tours. Climbing is an art form. It’s not who’s quickest. It’s enjoying every move… making it silky smooth… loving the journey…

We believe in cutting out the middle man, saving ourselves hassle and you money. Due to the fact that we do not work out of an agency, need an office or pay people to work for us we can offer you climbing tours at much lower rates than anyone else in Sucre. This is a stripped down set up good for one thing – amazing climbing. To see more photos of the ClimbSucre team click here…

Wanna climb?