Climbing and Bouldering

Climbing Tours

We believe in cutting out the middle man. You want to climb and we want to make that happen so who needs an agency? Look no further than…

We have a choice of Three tours as well as an instructional course:

Beginner and Intermediate tour:

Who for? The first time climber and those who have climbed in an indoor gym once or twice but want to test their skills outside to those who really enjoy climbing and want to learn some new moves.

Advanced tour:

Who for? Those who want to push themselves and already have experience sport climbing and are comfortable leading around 6a Fr.


Who for? Those who would you like to learn more about rock climbing and the rope work that is so central to making climbing a safe sport.


We also offer bouldering tours. For pics of the routes and grades, check out our Facebook page at Climb-Sucre.