Climb Sucre team


Who for? Those who would you like to learn more about rock climbing and the rope work that is so central to making climbing a safe sport.

Perhaps you’re studying Spanish in Sucre or spending a week or more here and want to learn some new skills. We offer tuition packages that require no previous experience and will teach you from the ground up. Within just a few sessions we can teach you all the basic safety techniques that can be used in any climbing situation and equip you so that with a partner you can climb safely and progress wherever your travels take you.

We look at all aspects of rock climbing from actual technique (literally teaching you how to use your body), understanding the equipment, the principles that underlie safe climbing, belaying, abseiling, and how to lead and clean a route. We are also happy to tailor the tuition to suit you. If you prefer to concentrate more on improving your climbing we can make that happen or for the budding Boy Scout we can work on knots, rescue technique etc.

So all you need to do is get in touch and let us know how long you’re spending here and what exactly you’d like to achieve and we’ll work out a package and a price. There is no fixed price as we assess what is required in each case and how many guides will be needed to make the sessions safe.

Note: We generally don’t climb two days in a row as your body needs time to recover; often you feel the real burn two days after the climb so build this into your plans.

To book simply call us on 786 69 637 or email Don’t forget to request an official chalkbag.